Add To Your WishlistBe The Rainbow Letterpress Print

Add To Your WishlistBe The Rainbow Letterpress Print

Letterpress Print - Be the Rainbow in Someone's Cloud, Maya Angelou quote, set in mixed vintage mixed lead type.

- colour - Prussian Blue (Cranfield oil-based ink)

- handprinted, original letterpress art

- edition of 16 (letterpress is not normally editioned, but I only own one chase and a limited set of vintage type, meaning everything is taken apart when a print run is finished)

- signed and numbered on the back so as not to detract from the image

- approx size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches (9cm x 6cm)

- mounted in blue for a 6x4 inch frame

- Fabriano Unica paper, 250gsm, white with natural grain, 50% cotton content

I set vintage lead type by hand. After inking up I print the design with my 130 year old Victorian cast iron manual book press, affectionately known as Alma. This design is printed on lovely thick Fabriano Unica paper, and the letters emboss slightly into the paper. There will be variations between each print, making each one unique. This is part of the charm of owning an original letterpress print rather than a reproduction.