Add To Your WishlistCarve your own path Linocut

Add To Your WishlistCarve your own path Linocut

Original Linocut - 'carve your own path' linoleum and Pfeil gouge / woodcut tool

- colour: black Cranfield ink

- paper: Bread & Butter paper, 270gsm,white matte

- edge- torn or cut

- paper size: 18 x 18 cm approx.

- print size: approx 13 x 12 cm

- signed and numbered

- limited and final edition of 25

Linocuts prints are made by carving a design into traditional linoleum plates which are then inked up and printed in my two Victorian printing presses. All the areas which have been carved away will not print onto the paper, therefore leaving the paper white. Single-colour linocuts are very striking and bold. It is also possible to create multiblock prints with several overlapping plates, or reduction prints where the same plate is gradually carved away as the layers are printed.