Church in the Marshes card

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Church in the Marshes card


Card - Church in the Marshes

based on St Thomas à Beckett, Fairfield, Romney Marsh in Kent

The tiny church of St Thomas à Beckett has been surrounded by water for most of its life, isolated and inaccessible for much of the year until major building work to save the structure in 1913 also resulted in the building of a causeway. Built around 1200AD, it is the last remnant of a medieval village that has long since disappeared. The original timber structure was encased by a brick in the 18th century, and only the original 13th enture roof timbers can be seen in the otherwise entirely Georgian interior.  St Thomas à Beckett stands on the Romney Marsh, where people eeked out a living on the flat salt marshes they had reclaimed from the sea. The history of this beautifully bleak landscape is steeped in defending it from the sea and invaders, a great storm, notorious for smuggling and treacherous journeys, and the utterly resilient Romney Marsh sheep.  

Professional reproduction card of an original linocut print, responsibly printed in the UK using vegetable-based toners. Carbon-offset off-white card, textured finish.  

Supplied with brown Kraft envelope made from UK post-consumer waste.

Blank inside for your own message

Approx size: 12x12 cm

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