Morning View Linocut

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Morning View Linocut


Original Linocut - Morning View 

This print is loosely based on the view from Hart Hill on the North Downs in Kent, where the steep scarp of the Downs drops down into the valley and reveals views over the Greensand Ridge and the Weald of Kent, all the way to the Fairlight Hills. On a winter morning, pockets of mist drift in this landscape and it is an endlessly fascinating view.

- colour: custom Hawthorn Stay Open Printmaking Ink - 10-layer reduction print

- paper: Bread & Butter printmaking paper, white, smooth, 270 gsm.

- print size: approx 8 x 14.5 cm

- paper size: approx 15 x 21 cm (A5)

- dated and signed

- limited edition of 12, no further prints can be made as the block is gradually detroyed in the process.

I design and carve each motif into linoleum before inking the plate and printing it using Alma, my 130 year old Victorian cast iron manual book press. For a reduction print, the same block is used and gradually carved away. This print is a 10 layer reduction print, the block was carved and printed 10 times to create this image. There will be variations between each print, making each one unique. This is especially the case for the sky part of this print which is free-inked.

*please be aware that this print is tiny, and also, that the finish is shiny - this is caused by the oil-based inks drying on top of each other. I have tried to capture the shine in one of the pictures. *

Thank you very much for looking at my cards and prints.

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