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Original Linocut - 'Night Watch' (

This print was inspired by our local badger sett by an old trackway through the woods. On summer evenings, we often wait as night falls to observe the badgers emerging from their sett.

Paper: 34 x 25 cm, Bread & Butter Pintmaking paper, white, semi-smooth, white, torn or cut edges

Print: approx. size 18.5 x 27.5 cm, Patrick's Winter grey Hawthorn Printmakers ink (slight sheen)

Edition: limited edition of 10.

This print is a Linocut.
To make a linocut print, the design is carved into a traditional linoleum plate, in reverse, so that it will print the correct way round. The linoleum plate is then inkedup, paper is carefully placed on top, and it is put into one of my two Victorian book presses. The areas which were carved away will appearwhite on the print, and only the raised surfaces will have left
an impression.