Bottle Finds Linocut

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Bottle Finds Linocut


Original Linocut - Bottle Finds

These are old Victorian bottles, based on my favourite bottle finds from the Kent coast and the banks of the river Thames. This print shows a shear-lip acqua inkwell, a clear shear-lip vial and a blue poison bottle.

- colour: custom blue Cranfield inks

- paper: smooth, white Bread & Butter printmaking paper

- print size: approx 10 x 8 cm

- paper size: approx 15 x 15cm

- dated and signed

- limited variable edition of 18

I design and carve each motif into linoleum before inking the plates and hand printing them using Alma, my 130 year old Victorian cast iron manual book press.

This print is a multiblock print of 3 plates which are inked up several times. Please be aware that this print is made using gradient rolls and free inking, and it is therefore impossible to generate identical prints. The 18 prints in this edition will be very similar but have small differences in shading, and this a therefore a limited variable edition.

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