Rye, East Sussex - a four layer reduction linocut. 

The medieval town of Rye rises out of the Romney Marshes and can be seen for miles from the flat watery lands that surround it. Once a weathly market town that was almost entirely surrounded by the sea, its fortunes changed when violent storms in the 13th and 14th century changed the course of the river Rother, destroyed the eastern part of the town and cut it off from the sea. Today, the seaward harbour is 2 miles away, while the Rother is being dredged to prevent it from silting up. The town is beautiful, a jumble of tiny cobbled lanes and old houses - a favourite place to visit.  

- origina reduction linocut print

- ink oil-based Cranfield Caligo ink. *please be aware that the finish may be shiny in parts of the print - this is caused by the oil-based inks drying more slowly when they are overlaid. The inks will continue to cure but may feel sticky when your print first arrives - please leave it somewhere dry and airy for a couple of weeks. When framing, ensure that the linoprint does not touch the glass.*

- paper: Fabriano Unica 50% cotton, 250 gsm, white, natural grain with torn or cut edges

- print size: approx 19.5 cm square

- paper size: approx 25 cm square

- signed and numbered. Unframed.

- This is a variable limited edition of 38. This print features several gradient rolls and it is therefore impossible to recreate the print exactly. On some, the sky or water is very slightly darker, on others, it is lighter. Each print is will be very similar to the others but also unique in its individual patterns of where the gradient fell.

I design and carve each motif into linoleum before inking the plate and printing it using Alma, my 130 year old Victorian cast iron manual book press. For a reduction print, the same block is used and gradually carved away. This print is a 4 layer reduction print, the same block was carved and printed 4 times to create this image. Depending on the number of layers, reduction prints can take several weeks to complete. As the linoleum plate is destroyed in the printing process, no further prints can me made and there will never be another edition of these prints.