Summer's Return linocut

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Summer's Return linocut

SKUSummer's Return

Summer's Return linocut - a pair of swifts soaring over the North Downs chalk grassland

It is no secret how much I love the gentle rolling hills of the North Downs, and to see the grass become greener in the spring and waiting for the first of the migrating birds to return is a magical time. Hearing your first swifts, skylarks and swallows is like being transported straight into the sounds of summer.

- original 3-block multiblock reduction linocut print, using monoprint techniques to create variable feather finishes on the backs of the swifts

- colour: custom green, Prussian Blue and Patrick's Winter Grey Hawthorn Stay-Open Inks. *please be aware that the finish may be shiny in parts of the print - this is caused by the oil-based inks drying more slowly when they are overlaid. The inks will continue to cure but may feel sticky when your print first arrives - please leave it somewhere dry and airy for a couple of weeks. When framing, ensure that the linoprint does not touch the glass.*

- paper: Fabriano Unica 250gsm white printmaking paper, natural grain

- print size: A6 (approx 10 x 15 cm)

- paper size: A5 (approx 15 x 21cm).

- signed and numbered. Unframed.

- This is a variable limited edition of 27. This print features several gradient rolls and free-inked feathers, it is therefore impossible to recreate the print exactly. On some, the back feathers are darker, on others, they are lighter. Each print is will be very similar to the others but also unique in its individual patterns.

I design and carve each motif into linoleum before inking the plate and printing it using Alma or Albert, my Victorian cast iron manual book presses. To make a multiblock linocut print, the design is split into layers which are carved into several coordinating traditional linoleum plates, in reverse. All the plates and all the paper pieces have to be registered so that they print in exactly the same area each time. The first plate is inked up, registered and carefully covered with paper, and then put in the press. When this layer is dry, the process is repeated with the other plates until the key block goes on which ties all layers together to make the image. Depending on the number of layers, multiblock prints can take several weeks to complete. 

Thank you very much for looking at my cards and prints.

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