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The Old Oak - linocut - a little lane by the old oak tree, perched on the scarp of the North Downs chalk ridge in Kent

One of my favourite trees up on the Downs - loosely based on a lane between Charing and Lenham and an old oak tree in the tiny village of Stalisfield, this monochrome print was born from the larger 'Last Light' landscape print. I liked this tree so much that it became a little edition in its own right. 

- original 3 layer reduction linocut print

- colour: custom grey oil-based Cranfield Caligo Safewash inks. *please be aware that the finish may be shiny in parts of the print - this is caused by the oil-based inks drying more slowly when they are overlaid. When framing, ensure that the linoprint does not touch the glass.*

- paper: BFK Rives 250gsm/115lbs, matt white surface. Internally Sized. Acid Free. Mould-made with 100% cotton and thereforeand therefore very strong and stable, offering the finest archival quality.

- print size: approx 20 x 24 cm

- paper size: approx 25 x 30cm

- signed, numbered and dated. Unframed.

- This is a limited edition of 15 and no further editions can be made from these blocks due to the reduction print process.

I design and carve each motif into linoleum before inking the plate and printing it using Alma or Albert, my Victorian cast iron manual book presses. To make a reduction linocut print, the design is gradually carved away from the same linoleum plate, destroying the plate in the process.  All the paper pieces have to be registered to the plate exactly so that the inked up areas fall into the same place on the paper each time. Depending on the number of layers, reduction prints can take several weeks to complete.