Tower Block print (Arlington House, Margate)

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Tower Block print (Arlington House, Margate)


Original Linocut Print of Arlington House, Margate - a beautiful brutalist concrete tower block. I wanted to portrait this immense structure in a way that made it look slightly ethereal, with some of the sky reflected in the lines of the building (see the blue close-up photo).

Size: 19 x 27.5 on 25.5 x 34 (roughly A4 on A3, give or take)

Paper: Bread & Butter printmaking paper, white, smooth, 270 gsm, soft torn or cut edges.


Phthalo Blue (Cranfield)

Phthalo Green (Cranfield)

Napthol Red (Cranfield)

Dairylide Yellow (Cranfield)

Winter Grey (Hawthorn)

*please be aware that this is a multilayer reduction print and that some sections where layers overlap will appear more shiny. The Grey colour version is more shiny than the others due to the inks used*

*the sky on the Green and they Grey colour versions is extended and slightly more mottled in texture- see the close-up photo of the grey.*

This is a limited edition of 12 prints in each colour way, and no further prints can be made. Each print will be numbered and signed.

I design and carve each layer into linoleum before inking the plates and hand printing them using Albert, a giant restored cast-iron Victorian book press.

These prints will be posted flat.

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