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Original Linocut Print

Arlington House, Margate - a beautiful brutalist concrete tower block. I wanted to portrait this immense structure in a way that made it look slightly ethereal, with some of the sky reflected in the lines of the building (see the blue close-up photo).

Size: 19 x 27.5 on 25.5 x 34 (roughly A4 on A3, give or take)

Paper: Bread & Butter printmaking paper, white, smooth, 270 gsm, soft torn or cut edges.


Phthalo Blue (Cranfield)

Phthalo Green (Cranfield)

Napthol Red (Cranfield)

Dairylide Yellow (Cranfield)

Winter Grey (Hawthorn)

*please be aware that this is a multilayer reduction print and that some sections where layers overlap will appear more shiny. The Grey colour version is more shiny than the others due to the inks used*

*the sky on the Green and they Grey colour versions is extended and slightly more mottled in texture- see the close-up photo of the grey.*

This is a limited edition of 12 prints in each colour way, and no further prints can be made. Each print will be numbered and signed.

Linocuts prints are made by carving a design into traditional linoleum plates which are then inked up and printed in my two Victorian printing presses. All the areas which have been carved away will not print onto the paper, therefore leaving the paper white. Single-colour linocuts are very striking and bold. It is also possible to create multiblock prints with several overlapping plates, or reduction prints where the same plate is gradually carved away as the layers are printed.