Village Linocut

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Village Linocut


Mediaeval Village (based on the Limes, Lenham, Kent)

Paper: 21x15cm Kent printmaking paper, smooth, off-white, cut edges

Print: 15x10cm, custom blue Cranfield Caligo ink

Edition: limited edition of 4

This print is a Multiblock Linocut.

To make a multiblock linocut print, the design is split into layers which are carved into several coordinating traditional linoleum plates, in reverse. All the plates and all the paper pieces have to be registered so that they print in exactly the same area each time. The first plate is inked up, registered and carefully covered with paper, and then put in the press. I print with Alma or Albert, two Victorian cast iron book presses, in addition to hand burnishing the details of a print. When the first layer is dry, the process is repeated with the other plates until the key block goes on which ties all layers together to make the image. Dependingon the number of layers, multiblock prints can take several weeks to complete. This print has 4 layers and is made with 4 coordinating linoleum plates. There will be variations between each print, making each one unique. This is especially the case for printing on slightly textured paper, which leads to a print with a very organic feel.

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